Enry:Rentals E-Bike Rental

Self-Serviced Electrical Bikes
now available in Trondheim!

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Freedom for a day! In Trondheim you can rent the world's first "ChatBot E-Bike", an electrical bike you can unlock using "Facebook Messenger". Our Asian guests can even use "WeChat". Without the need to download an app, you can hop right on and enjoy the freedom of effortless joy in Trondheim. Did we mention there’s a free audio guide that comes with the bike?

You pay directly on your phone, using your Visa/Mastercard when chatting to a robot in a chat window. Ride the bike half an hour for 99 NOK. Max price 499 NOK. On the battery pack, you can find a description of how to unlock the bike. With one of our bikes, you can experience the wonders of the city without the hassle of walking or taking the bus. Find a bike parked at the harbor or ask the Visit Trondheim team in Nordre Gate 11 about your closest e-bike.

Electrical bikes give true freedom to you and your family!

+47 40 59 60 36 (Norway)
+49 1573 7521312 (Germany)

Email: Booking@Enry.Rentals

Opening hours
June 1st - October 1st 2019
Monday - Sunday: 06:00 - 20:00